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About Us

Baked Brie - #1 Seller!

This is #1 for a reason. Brie on puffed pastry topped with apples and cinnamon, hazelnuts or almonds, craisins, and honey. Baked and served nice and hot with our roasted garlic and warm pita bread and crackers. $13

Cheese Plate

We smoke our cheeses here and then serve them with salami, olives, craisins, almonds, pita bread, crackers and our roasted garlic. $12

Baked Artichoke Dip

Creamy, cheesy, gooey cheese on puff pastry and hot! Served with pita bread crackers and, of course, roasted garlic. $11.50

MegaBurger (Sat and Sunday only)

We don't nickel and dime you for extras - they are already on it!  First we BBQ the 1/3 pound burgers on real charcoal then soak them in a special beef broth with seasonings. Then we serve it on a brioche bun with smoked cheddar or swiss cheese, onion, tomato, arugula, BACON, and lots of home made sundried tomato/pesto mayo sauce. We include potato salad on a bed of arugula just in case you're extra hungry! $12

Crab Melt

Do you like real crab? We mix it with celery, green onion, cheddar cheese, and more then put it on a sliced French baguette with cream cheese and top it with cheddar cheese. Served with a side salad topped with craisins and almonds or hazelnuts and orange citrus dressing. $12

Turkey Sandwich on Ciabatta Roll

I love chewy ciabatta rolls so I decided put 4oz of turkey on one along with arugula, mayonnaise, smoked cheddar or Swiss cheese  and served with chips. $8.50

Smoked German Sausage

Served on a warm roll and covered with sauerkraut with dill and caraway seeds. Served with chips and of course, mustard. $8.50

Arugula Salad

Tender baby arugula topped with turkey, craisins, almonds/hazelnuts, blue cheese and finished with a tangy orange citrus dressing. This is a favorite! $10.50

Desserts (Home Made. Be sure to save room!)

Home Made Wine Ice Cream

This idea came to me in the middle of the night and has since been written up in the Seattle Times! I figured out how to remove all the alcohol and make flavors like Zinfandel Chocolate Chip, Muscat with Lemon Lime Zest, Muscat with Toasted Coconut , Muscat with Berries and several more. $5 Dish/$7.50 Pint

Home Made Chocolate Brownie a la Mode

This recipe is a modification from my cooking school days. They are chewy, rich in chocolate, topped with your favorite ice cream and drizzled with chocolate or caramel sauce. $8

Bread Pudding a la Mode

I love bread pudding and this has had rave reviews from our customers. It is made with craisins instead of raisins and topped with your favorite ice cream and chocolate or caramel sauce (mine's the caramel). $8

Happy Hour Fri/Sat 5-8 (May 1-Dec 31)

Free Pasta Friday Night!

Come in on Friday and purchase a glass or bottle of wine and receive a bowl or two of pasta FREE! The pasta varies from Carbonara, Marinara, Clam Vongole, Alfredo, Salmon Alfredo, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Pesto and more...  Add a side salad for only $5.